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Fire Retardant Tape

Fire Retardant Tape
Fire Retardant Tape
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Product Code : Scotch 77
Brand Name : 3M
Product Description
Scotch 77 Fire Retardant Tape is an arc and fireproofing tape specially designed to protect all types of electrical cables. Its unique formulation with a flexible unsupported elastomer expands in the fire to provide a thick char build-up between the flame and cable. It is easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove for cable inspection. This insulating tape acts as a heat shield and flame barrier, thus protecting the cables and other accessories when exposed to fault arcs until limiting devices can interrupt the faulted circuit. 

This tape is unsupported so it is extremely conformable. Installers can wrap cables and irregularly shaped accessories very easily and more rapidly. This conformability enables better product control while wrapping and more uniform coverage. Also, the thin cross sections of the tape greatly reduce the overall weight compared to other methods while providing better fire and arc protection. Cable heat is dissipated more rapidly than other forms of thick fire protection and, therefore, does not de-rate the cable. One-half lap wrap provides great protection for most installations; however, additional wraps can be applied.

  • Flexible unsupported elastomer
  • Clean, easy to apply, eliminate cuts and contusions of hands
  • It provides wrinkle-free wrapping and complete coverage with less effort
  • It provides fault arc protection to adjacent wrapped cables and accessories
  • Expands in the fire to provide an insulating firewall
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Resistant to acids, water, salt water, sewage and ultraviolet light
  • Can be removed and reused
  • Standard roll sizes for fast convenient installation